Build Trust With Your Bird (Video)

Winner of “multi-species” category at Canis Film Festival -

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If you have been a regular visitor of this blog and have access to my e-mail account, you’ll know that I’ve been BOMBARDED with questions.

I’m thinking of doing a podcast type thingy… Where basically I pick questions, answer them and record it all for you to listen.

Something that catches your fancy?

Let me know.


I’m giving away parrot consultations to buyers of the Easy Parrot.

Every single bird is unique with different problems so this will work great for you as you’ll get to ask specific problems that your parrot has and get answers tailored to your need. Head over and get your copy now:



47 responses to “Build Trust With Your Bird (Video)”

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  1. Rebecca says:

    WOW! Thats amazing! I just got a green cheeked beautiful conure last week. When I first got him he was mean as you can get. He had never been trained to step up. He had been in a pet store in a cage with an open top where kids were constantly sticking their fingers so he would bite any hand that came near him. Within this past week I have trained him to stop biting (for the most part) and to step up, he’s even been on my shoulder a few times. He is doing well with strangers, too! It is so exciting. I have heard about these clickers before and was wondering where can I get a one. I’d also love a book to teach me how to train my bird to do tricks and to be more comfortable cuddling and with touch in general. Do you know where I can get a hold of some of that?

  2. Eugene Bratvold says:

    i would love to get some videos like this to teach my macaw things like not biting and not screaming.
    can you help me?

  3. Mary Lou says:

    Hi Danny, NO I DON”T HATE YOU..hahaha I have owned Cockatiels before all were hand fed from birth so this is my first that was not already tamed. I actually need the advice you give and I know there isn’t any trust on the part of this poor animal, foul, bird……. He just got snatched from a beautiful sunporch where he was with both parents and two siblings and his whole life has changed and this big person who he’s never seen before puts him in a little cage because she was too stupid to realize that he would be as big as he is at four months and has no more money to buy a big cage. And I don’t know squat about bird training a non tamed bird. I feel sorry for this little fella who by the way isn’t so little. I put on relaxing music with water flowing and birds singing in the background and try not to upset him until he is used to my presence then as soon as I can get his wings clipped i’ll start the training but until that time I just talk loving to him. His name is Max by the way. Strange that because when I was trying all my Lord of the Rings names on him I just happened to call him Max and he responded to the name. Anyway three days of silence from him and now he’s chattering away and responding to my whistles as long as I stay away from that too little cage he’s fine. I think what you are doing is great and I appreciate any and all information you can give me. I know what you mean about people wanting to POOF and have a sweet loving bird to love on. Well it takes work and a long time sometimes to build trust so I’m in here for the long haul and if all I ever get him to do for me is to let me converse with him then at least I won’t be totally alone in this world. I just lost my poodle Fritz of 14 years so I’m very lonely and I only wish to love this bird and make him and me happy and not quite so lonely but I know it will take time. Meanwhile his presence in the house is comforting to me. Again thank you for taking the time to write. And if you need any help I don’t mind helping in what volunteer capacity I can. Thanks Bird Man Danny

    Mary Lou

  4. Jess says:

    I am so happy to see you introduce clicker training. I have been using it for some time now with my cockatoo and it has worked wonders. It does take time. I think the first and most important thing to do is get your bird away from their cage, though. My cockatoo listens better if he is off of his cage. With the use of the clicker, I now trained him to give me a kiss on cue. It is so cute. Oh yeah, at first, I had the standard dog clicker, which was really loud. It scared him, and me. Then, I found one that has adjustable sound. It was just as evenly priced, just at a different store. I look forward to more info on teachinng tricks. Thank you

  5. anne says:

    for some reason by the time I got to sit down and watch the video, it was no longer available……..are the videos only available for a certain amount of time? and with the time difference as I am in australia meant that it had expired by the time I got to watch it? Sounds like it was informative and I am dissappointed not to have seen it.

  6. Ozlem says:

    No anne, I also live in Australia (Sydney to be exact) and I’ve only just seen this clicker video…I believe it’s also on YouTube as well. You might need to click on the video to activate it as it doesn’t run automatically as soon as you open the blog site.

    I believe the clicker method has got to be one of the most effective bird training techniques I’ve heard about. My first introduction to this was through the Chet Womach Bird Traning and Taming kits. He’s launched a really deal that’s not too expensive and you can find out about it through his web site

    And yes, Rebecca and Eugene Chet’s got all the books, videos, instructional CDs, etc all included in this bird training kit. I’m thinking very seriously about buying it because it sounds really good…I just have to convince my hsband to part with the money afterall he was the one who bought me my two Indian Ringnecks. My Ringnecks are still only young at 3 months old but because they weren’t handled everyday for a week or two at the pet shop where I bought them, they’ve developed a habit of biting hands and fingers that come near them. They don’t do it viciously because I can tell they’re extremely curious about everything that enters their cages but they haven’t learned that it’s not acceptable behaviour. I’ve only had the brids one week now and most of that is night time when we all sleep and day time during the week days I’m at my mother’s place looking after my nephew (turning two in March) and helping mum look after my invalid dad. I’m lucky if I can put in half an hour with each bird just talking to it and changing the water and putting in feed. I’m afraid building trust is going to take a looonnnngg time at this rate but I’m okay with that. They have their wings clipped but even though they were handraised I’m not game to get them out of their cages until they actually stop biting…I don’t want to run around the house with a blanket or a butterfly net tring to catch a spooked or irritated parrot. It’s so much easier if they can step-up when being taken out of their cage and being put in their cage so my cuddles and scartches on the back of the head are going to have to be relegated to the realms of fantasy until such time as my birds learn manners. I just wish I new what sex they were but I don’t want to spend the money at a vet DNA sexing them. They have gender neutral names at the moment. Bluey and Breeze.

  7. bird lady says:

    I adopted a “viscious” yellow nape. Some previous owner reinforced bad behavior and I cannot have the bird out of the cage as he ATTACKS, hands feet, arms, whatever. He even tries to bite as I feed & water him. Apparently, the reinforcement he received was LAUGHING!! as in-he’d bite someone and then someone else would laugh!! He EVEN laughs sometmes when he tries to bite. It’s a trick feeding & watering him and changing his cage. He’ll even reach out between the bars to try to bite. I obviously cannot put him on a t stand. He’s gotten loose and flew off the top of the cage to attack me.
    Any ideas, Hes a wonderful talker, was before I got him and has learned more since and forgotten some of what he used to hear @ previous owner’s home.

  8. bird lady says:

    AS to Annie, I watched the video this morning, though it wouldn’t start the first time I tried it, but then I went back to site and it started just fine…………

  9. Rina says:

    Wow! Awesome video! Thanks!

  10. Craig says:

    that video was great! its given me confindence to try my birds harness again! thanks for all the infomation!

  11. marie says:

    i was wondering, is this method only good for bigger parrots? would it work on let’s say an african lovebird or a parakeet?

  12. sara says:

    That was really cool! Thank! I will remember that tip. I would like to know how she gained the birds trust enough to flip her upside down like that.

  13. nick says:

    I have recently bought a grey indian ringneck who is 4 moths old and he is fine out of the cage but getting him out of his cage is hard work and he has a strong nip. I have tried clicker training with my mouth but it doesent seem to be working with him. have you got any sollution i can have to resolve this problem.
    im not sure if that video was good or not until it does work.

  14. Bird Person says:

    Where do you get a clicker? Would it work for parakeets?

  15. Gabriele says:

    Great video! Finally, after reading and hearing about target and clicker training, a video which actually shows how to do it! Thanks so much!
    Warm regards,

  16. Ray says:

    Dr. Ellen Cook, the producer of this video, has a full-length, detailed DVD available at
    Check it out-it’s great!

  17. Eugene Bratvold says:

    does dr. ellen also have any videos on free flight outside?
    also where are her other dvds for sale cant find any

  18. i have a a young parrot, tried to get him hand trained but he just wont accept it i have tried for 4 weeks , every time i go to or put my hand into the gage or get near him he goes on the run and panic’s,, any addvice? ?????


  19. Wendy Stotz says:

    I just rescued a 19 y/o male eclectus and while we have already conquered his biting habit, I would love to be able to teach him some tricks. He knows how to ‘dance’ and give kisses and he says some words but he is shy about talking in front of me. He normally waits until I go into the next room before he sarts jabbering away. He also doesn’t really like me petting him very much. He toleraates it a little but I would love to have a bird that likes to cuddle! That video was awesome.

  20. Michael says:

    My IRP is 8 months old i have tried step up trainingbut he just runs to the cage i feed them seed mix and fruit on a fruit holder in the cage(is this right)? And i keep them in my room good idea? or not

  21. nihal says:

    waw thats wouderfull you know when i was about 13 years old i had an amazon parrot he used to sleep beside me in my bed and when i go out i used to take him with me on my shoulders without a chain and from your nice video you rmind me with him i hope i could let my new Lolita do this with me again .

  22. Margarita says:

    Good video.

    I would like to know the reason for the clicker, do birds have something that makes them calm down at the sound of the clicker?

    I would like to know how to teach a bird to talk. Please help!

  23. MONIKA says:

    When I tried to watch the video it said the video is no longer available ????????
    Whats going on.

    Regards Monika

  24. jen says:

    thank you for the vidio. it reallly got to my heart. but my problem is my new bird that i got to get married to my other bird, doesint want anything to do with her, where she is all ready to make friends. he just keeps biteing at her. their cockatiels. any ideas ??????????????????? he fell in love with me instead. help!!!!!!!!! jen

  25. Ralph says:

    Danny the video is very encouraging, I Have started clicker training and he (Pete)
    blue front amazon will lift his foot up and put it on my finger, at that point I click
    and reward. He will try to bite if I try to encourage him to go any farther. I remember you saying that it is best to do any training away from the cage, how do I accomplish getting him away from the cage without getting a finger amputated ? and also if I use a stick or dowel rod for training, he will just run from it!

    Thanks for your help!

  26. Samantha says:

    Where do you get the clickers from or does it work just as well just using your mouth to click.

  27. Larissa says:

    Excellent Video, Thanks Danny.

  28. thanosr says:

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