“…Can I Catch Bird Disease…”


hey I have another question?. is it true even though I bought my bird
from a pet store and they told me the breeder they get there birds from is
very good as out of the 15 years of dealing threw him they said they have
never had any birds that were sick. so if I have a very health bird can I
catch bird disease from her even though she is my pet. And yes she comes
outside with me everyday, she is walking around the grass most of the day
and likes to sit up on the wild bird feeding bowl I have outside for wild
birds. is that ok for her too eat from the wild birds bowl too, or is that
how she can catch bird disease.
Kim. Mosbey


You can never been guaranteed that you couldn’t catch something from if your pet bird if it was to exposed or carried a disease that people could catch.

Many diseases are air borne and you could catch it from just going to the grocery store from someone who owns an infected bird. I am more worried about catching something from the local pet store and bring it back and infecting my birds.

Allowing the pet bird to walk around outside will greater the chance of catching something that wild birds carry. One of the most common wild bird disease that people can get is called Histoplasmosis here is a link about the disease - http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dbmd/diseaseinfo/histoplasmosis_g.htm

I have another link I give to my clients who are concerned about catching something from their pet birds. http://www.mybirdpix.com/disease_facts.php

Due to the fact I have been hospitalized for histoplasmosis it went undiagnosed by my Doctor for almost a week That disease will only respond to one type of antibiotic, and it could be fatal to humans if not treated correctly.

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