Bird With Feather Picking Problem


My wife and I have two Amazon yellow heads, one is 40 and the other is 20. Both are males and are different kind of yellow heads.

They go in and out of screaming modes, thanks for the advice.  We are trying to get them on a better path of behavior.

The younger bird Cyrano has started to pick the feathers out of the front of his neck. We have had him for 31/2 years before this behavior started. We have taken him to the Vet for a physical and advice.

We spray the birds with aloe Vera and water every day and they get weekly showers. We have changed their diets on the advice of the Vet and our bird groomer.

Cyrano will let the feathers on his neck get almost grown back and then he will pick them out during the night. The next week or so he seems to be in some pain from the picked area and the spot looks kind or irritated.

Do you have any other advice for us?

Thank you

Pat and Bob Young


If the vet has done a complete physical did that also include a CBC blood test?

And was this an avian vet?

There is a difference between regular vets and avian vets. Avian Vets are required to take more extensive training in Avian Medicine.

My concern is if he doesnt have a medical issue then have there been any different changes in the home? Such as a change in location of his cage or new changes in the home such as a new family member.

If the parrots owners are under stress and displaying negative feelings or arguments will cause the bird to stress out and it could cause behavioral problems and plucking at its feathers.

Its important to find what is causing his stress in order to stop the plucking.

Does he had toys him his cage? and if so does he have a favorite one or do you rotate the toys from time to time? How much time does he get out of his cage to play and socialize?

All of these are important, because boredom and frustration will also cause plucking. It just I do not see many pluckers in amazons as much as I do in cockatoos or african grays.

I personally would have to spend some time with him to pin point what he is feeling or bothering him.

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  1. Tiara Corrigan says:

    My female bird Libby has lost all her feathers, she loves the yolk of hard boiled eggs, bannanas, whole peanuts, and loves bone marrow. Yet still no feathers grow back. we give her liquid vitims also.I would appreciate any help getting my Libby healthy with feathers again

  2. Jean Davis says:

    I want to buy your ‘Tame Parrot’ package but it wont accept my debit card.

    How else can I get my money to you.?

    I am a pensioner and cannot afford to pay out for any unnecessary items but I do want the best I can afford for my parrot.

  3. lil says:

    I have a jenday conures and she has been picking her feathers i ve had her about a month and i thought it could be the new people and home thats making her pick her self but she is a really loveable but and seem so happy with us so i been giving her vetmines she refues to eat vegetables but eats lots of fruit i dont know what else to do. if anyone has any advice please help thanks

  4. jane christie says:

    I visited my daughter in Vegas. We boarded my cockatoo at her vets office. She has not stopped itching since we arrived home. I tried lice spray, Also a naturalspray for dust. I have started bathing her daily. I am miles from a vet. Is there anything I can do? Sincerely Jane

    She is starting to lose her beautiful feathers from all over. I am heart broken.

  5. Vivian says:

    If your bird is losing feathers, is it too cold or too warm? They need the warmth at a certain temp. Is this bird going through a molt?? They will lose their feathers for 3 months or sometimes 4 months. At that time they get weaker and need more warmth and more food. I let my conure fly free which helps a lot. We are very bonded to each other and he does not want anything to do with my other 2 conures whom are mating birds. He is very playful and demands my full attention so much that I have to give him a piece of apple on his play area to keep him busy while I do my housework

  6. julie says:

    my cockatoo is bare under his wings, I never see him plucking his feathers he also enjoys the screaming carry on – please advise it really is upsetting

    Thank you

  7. Great advice. If medically fine there must be something different that is causing your bird to stress. Also agree that the bird need plenty of toys including foraging toys.

  8. Hello: My suggestions for the birds that are having problelms with their feathers?? when you go to the pet stores? take a look at the spray bottle of what they call bath time. the diets, also vegies. the liquid vitamins. try this for about a month, and see if it makes a difference. you may see a very good difference. Getting their vitamins are very important. I have a nanday parrot, and a sulphur crested cociatoo, and they are very healthy.