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i have a 16week old galah cockatoo. brought her at 10weeks lod hand reared from a pet store, she is very loving but is starting to bite alot tawards me and my 3 girls when we all want to pick her up,or if we are playing with her, she has no proble stepping up to come to us when she feels like it or to come ut of her cage, but my biggest problem is when she is sitting on y shoder or o the floor playing she is really biting hard with all of us.i have tried the technieck of putting her in her cage when she bites and walking away and coming back 5 or 10 mins later to see if she has learnt her lesson, so il open the cage to pat her again and she loves her head rubbed but then all of a sudden she will bite again really hard. and yet other times she is so loving and gentle and still lets out that little baby bird sound and loves me patting and kissing her, and now all of a sudden she will just lunge out and peck me in the eye or my nose or face for no reason. how do i stop this befor she gets 2 rough.

Kim. Mosbey


At 16 weeks old it should be easy to break it quickly. My question is, when the bird bites what kind of a reaction is being given? Reacting verbally can be reinforcing him to bite more.

All baby birds go though their nipping and biting phase. I believe it is their way in trying to test their independence and try to show dominance over the family. As long as the family reacts it only feeds the bird to bite more.

The baby bird needs to know the handler is serious about the “no biting” rule.

From what Kim said about how her bird loves to be petted and love on and then to turn around and bite her shows that the bird is telling her “I am done with the hugs and kisses” and “I am the Boss – The Boss is always the handler of the bird”

The first thing I would do in breaking the biting is not to allow it on my shoulder. He would only be allowed on my hand or arm. Having it on her shoulder gives the bird too much control over the handler, and until he understands who “The Boss” is he will have to earn his place back on the shoulder.

Please post any questions or feedback you may have in the “comments” section below. Thanks! :)

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  1. susanne says:

    ive just found out the bird i have is an indian ringneck identicle to the one danny had on vidieo he is really nasty as i think he has been abused and feel very sorry for him as he is missing out on a lot of love from me but i cant put up with his constant lunging aand biteing me im not very good with computers husband is away for a few days so i am struggling to with emails SORRY

  2. jerry r says:

    i recently got a blue fronted amazon from a friend that had problems with biting. the bird( Willie) has really taken a liking to me and loves to be scratched and played with. but his biting problem has popped up. the only times he bites is when he gets on your shoulder and you are going somewhere he soesn’t want to go. i know the problem is being on the shoulder but the worst bites i get is when i try to keep him from being there. he is an expert at climbing down my arm and can get onto my shoulder no matter how or what angle i keep my arm. the last bite nearly took my finger off! i really want to keep him but i don’t want a bird that just sits in the cage. how can i train him to stay off my shoulder without loss of limb?

  3. BETTY says:


  4. Tonya says:

    I got a cockatoo from a rescue and he was a bad biter I would love to help some of you guys . just email me. love and god bless. Tonya

  5. Tonya says:

    oh that is my email sorry about that. Also I am looking for another cockatoo to rescue that needs a good home.. thanks

  6. mck says:

    hi there,
    i have this rose breated cockatoo my friend give it to me, actually this cockatoo was in her house she saw this cockatoo in there ground i think somebod own this bird, and she tries to pick this up and give foods, it was so friendly my friend told me, and that time shes calling me and she was telling me everything what happen, and she said she will give it to me, a short story the cockatoo is here with me now, at first he or she is very friendly you can touch his or her nick, 2 days after when i put my hand inside the cage hes/shes starting to bite me and its really hurt, i got 4 deep wound..i dont know why hes/shes doing this to me, the he/she bites me i just close my mouth and take a deep breath…pls help me about this to stop biting me…thanks a lot…..

  7. Glen Summers says:


  8. BeedAffowsFadeRoyani says:

    mziscrefyzvwurdlwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  9. Suzanne Kingsley-Yates says:

    I have a parrlott who was abused before I rescued her. I have tried everything to stop her bitting, but I cannot get to first base. She concentrates on bitting to the point where it controls everything. She does not bite as hard as she use to; but she can not make any progress in anyway as long as she is focusing on bitting. She is 15 months old. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

  10. aimee says:

    Hi, ive just bought a rose breasted cockatoo shes 10months old and she is a lovely nature loves kisses/hugs/coming out of the cage but shes biting a lot when she does it i put her back in her cage and tell her no biting its naughty and she just seems like she hasnt a care in the world!
    i shower her with love but she knows im the boss, its worse with my husband she proper go’s for him im full of bite marks off her none are serious……i dont shout or tap her beak or even push her head away i just take a deep breath and put her back in the cage is there anything more i can do to stop this please let me know ( x

  11. sgtallen says:

    I have to Lovely Birds a blue front and a very large Cockatoo my cockatoo used to bite but i wouls hold his beak shut for a momunt at the same time i would wisper no no no bite. i did this every time for 30 or 40 days and now my Tyler does not bite me any more. he loves to be with me any were. to keep your Bird off your shoulder put a large towel
    or very thick blanket over your shoulder before you get him or her out of its cage.this should keep him or her from climing up and in due time they will learn. my afective tool it to wisper when scolding my birds when they have done or are doing somthing very bad. Sgtallen

  12. Cassandra W McManus says:

    We have a very young one as well and have the same problem. We have hand raised him and now he is biting all the time and hard. We seriously enforce the no biting rule and put him up each time with no luck. We are in a delima with this and hope he gets out of it. He has seriously hurt both my mother and I from his biting.