Parrot Outsmarts Duckie

How many treats do I get for washing all of this?

Okay, listen up! Today is wash day. Try not to fall in this time.

See… just drop the clothes in here.

“What the….?” Drop that in the machine.

Okay, fine! Give me the sock.

You have to shake it out first.

That isn’t how you pack it down.

I got your foot…. Now dig down deeper, your treat is at the bottom.

Hehehe… Blue soap on a yellow duck!

Everything is packed down, with Duckie at the bottom!


What do you guys think about part 2 to this?




My e-mail to you tomorrow will be cleverly titled

“interesting screaming bird psychology” -

Even if you don’t have a screaming bird, I think
it’s still worth reading. We need every single
weapon in our arsenal to control these birds.

And what better weapon to have than to know the
psychology of these birds? That’s what I’ll talk
about in tomorrow’s e-mail.


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  1. Esmeralda says:

    That parrot looks like a cheeky little guy. Post me if anymore funny pic stories are sent in!!!

  2. Sibel says:

    My dream is to get one grey one day. I really like them. That second pic was just tells everything in his mind.

  3. Sylvia Perkins says:

    Thank You so much for sharing this with me. I really enjoyed these pictures.
    I don’t really know how you got to send me this. But keep me on your
    list. I am not computer smart and I only have access to the internet when I am at the hospital. Sometimes I receive information but because of our system here, I am not able to “download” stuff. I am interested in learning more about parrots as I have a 6 month old parakeet “Sophia” who is soooooo spoiled and I continue to spoil her and I think she has ME more trained than I am training her but I am happy and so is my little bird. My main issue with her that she has developed the habit of bitting me-not hard- but sometimes she will nip my lip and it is so unexpected. I try not to react but I am not always successful. Pass on any pointers to me if you can. Appreciate your help, so if you have a regular address that when video’s are available I could buy from you that way please let me know. Thank You, Sylvia Perkins

  4. thor says:

    very cute , reminds me so much of my african grey , only difference is that my bird is familiar with the computer and not the washing machine.

  5. alica says:

    very cheeky! my indian ringneck just has to help out when i’m doing the washing….he has to get his beak into it as well! and not to mention that he decides to have a bath when i’m washing the dishes! not before, not later…..then and there he hops in and has his shower! they are full of mischief aren’t they!

    love your emails!

    looking forward to reading about the screaming! mine has began to scream to get what he wants and it’s becomming a worry! so please post it soon!

    love alica!

  6. debbie says:

    hi its great to see someone else doing the washing instead of us girls even if it is an african gray (haha) i love getting these tips, iam still in the prossess of trying to get alfie to step up on to my hand, he is great and never stops talking. cant wait to receive your next tip, hope to here from you soon thanks debbie from hull.

  7. Brit says:

    I just got my indian redneck, female, and she’s a nipper. She was abused so I figured it would take months for her to want anything to do with me. She screams a lot. She’s just started to really want to come to me but is still too scared, something that would help with that ear-drum shattering scream would be nice, haha! Thanx, looking forward to tomorrows : ).

  8. Maree says:

    Very cute. Isn’t it? I have two eclectus parrots and they also want to get their beaks into everything I do or eat. Sometimes they drive me crazy! But I love them to death.
    Looking forward to the screaming video!!!


  9. Jess says:

    Was this posed or does the bird actually do laundry?! Its awesome! :)

  10. Omer S.Salur says:

    When can I take my “Coco” out to the wonderland, so that he can enjoy life out side tha cage. Whenever I try to get him out he can not coparate with me. He is still afraid of me.
    He had a very bad experiance wit the old body. The guy who owned my parrot before use to live in the evenings so whwnever coco wished to sleep he was disturbed by his old buddy. and what more during the day this time vice versa he was fored to sleep because his was put under a dark cloth to be quite.
    Because of this bad experiance I do not like to foce him. It is so lovely to see these lovely animals to be free at lesat in home.

  11. Omer S.Salur says:

    dear parrot lovers,

  12. Bren says:

    This is awsume,Very smart Parrot!

  13. Jan Cooper says:

    Hi, I have a male galah and I am his third owner. I am still trying to overcome the screaming and biting thing but am making progress slowly. Be patient, love them as much as you can and don’t give up.

  14. The photos posted above are mine and yes my parrot loves to help me do the wash. He does a lot of funny things that most Parrots do not do. I do have a bunch more of story photos that I will put together on my message board. Most of the writing on Parrots my husband and I wrote for the Webmaster at this site.
    I re-certified last year again to be a Certified Avian Specialist in Washington DC and scored a 100% on the test, I was informed that very rarely does anyone score that high but with 30 years experience I knew I would score high but not 100%.
    If the Webmaster here wants me to put together some more funny photo stories I will send him the photos. I am in the process of writing a new Parrot book that should be published sometime next year.

    Sapphyre Cross USA

  15. karen says:

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    please can you help
    many thanks

  16. Thi is a very good way for new owners to get help for problems, I myself took in a child of divorce,he was a very abused child, it took a very long time just to get used to a large cage, toys were a whole other thing. Remember they can not tell you things, take your time and learn their body language. Loved your post, can’t wait to see more!

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