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Have you ever though about breeding pet birds? Or did you think it was just too complex of a project? It can be very easy, given the right breed of birds and just a little education.

When we started out, we had a lot of success with cockatiels. When my wife and I decided to move on to the next “level” of breeding, we purchased our first pair of Sun Conures. These birds are slightly larger then cockatiels, just as hardy, and their babies are much more in demand. Young Sun Conures can be sold for $300-$600 very easily.

Breeding is fairly simple to do. First, make sure you have a pair of mature parents. They must be at least 2 years old. You will want to have them professionally sexed using DNA blood testing, as they are hard to visually distinguish. One method of making an educated guess is to look at the head. The female conure will have a smaller and rounder head then the male. Males tend to have a flatter forehead. But note that even experienced breeders do not rely on this method. Get the test!

Once you have a pair, the next step is to give them a good breeding environment. This will take some experimentation. Simple things like not having the cage high enough can upset them and prevent breeding. Distractions in the room, or even other birds, can also upset them. If they don’t breed, try moving them around and change the environment.

Conures are a breed that like to nest in tree cavities. To duplicate this, you will need a “nesting box”. This is nothing more then a wood box with a door in the side for you to inspect and monitor the birds. The size should be at least 8×12 inches. They do not like oversized boxes, so don’t get one too big. This box can be hung from the side of the cage.

You will need to put some material on the bottom of the box for nesting. We prefer pine shavings.

>>In my e-book The Easy Parrot System , I discuss how to build a proper nesting box, and go into detail about the different nesting materials. Some materials can actually be dangerous to the parents and the chicks, and should NEVER be used. I strongly recommend that you research this before selecting a nesting material.

Once you have selected your cage and box…just wait for nature to take it’s course. Be sure they have a proper diet. It’s very important to make sure they get plenty of Vitamin A, E, and calcium in their diets for proper egg production and fertility.

>> My e-book also goes into great detail in feeding and nutrition, and explains which foods are loaded with these important vitamins and minerals. The Easy Parrot System – Nutrition will help you a great deal with your Sun Conure breeding.

Sun Conures will usually produce a clutch of four to five eggs. Make sure the parents have lots of food, and keep a water dish available for bathing at all times. Their breeding season is generally between December and March, but it’s not unusual for them to breed outside of this period, or even all year round. After the eggs have been laid, they will hatch in about 23 days. Don’t mess with the eggs, move the cage or disturb them in any way. Let the parents do the work!

Sun Conure babies are fairly easy to hand feed, but unless you have experience doing this we recommend you let the parents do all of the feeding. After a month, you can begin feeding from a syringe or spoon, but get some training first!

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  1. lisa says:

    could u please help me? i have a 4 yr old who overnight pulled out her chest feathers and have mutalated her chest. she was trying to lay eggs and used her feathers for the nest.She has laid one egg and i threw it away . I have a collar on her and i live in the middle of nowhere. how do i stop her from wanting to lay and how long does it take for her to stop? please if u can tell me what to do…thank u lisa

  2. laura says:

    we have a pair of sun conures that had got toghther and some how they ended up getting themselfs in a bit of a bind so one might say ,,, me and my husband had always thought we had a girl and our friend had a boy well were we wrong and found that one out after our spike man was no man he was a girl and our sunny girl wasnt a gilr he was a boy and now we have eggs but they were sepearated and we didnt even know that they mated as he was house sitting and i guess he wasnt watching them closely as not long went by and he had advised me that his bird had egss forst one she laid and than had laid two more so now she is sitting on them and wont let any one near the cage and its been almost 35 days for the first egg that was hatched what should we do let the bird do all the work and it will be ok or should we take the eggs away from her and wait to see what they do how long is too long for them not to hatch properly ?

  3. Tammy says:

    I need some advice. I have 2 conures. 1 sunconure and 1 Jenday conure. The Sun Conure is a Female But not sure of the Jenday. The Sun Conure goes into the nesting box for a good amount of time out of the day. And the Jenday stays on the Perch But sometime goes in with The Sun and stay in for a while together. Does it sound like the Jenday is a Male? They are so bonded together Most of the day they will not leave each others side for a minute. They clean each other all the time. How old does a male have to be to breed? I am not sure how old the Jenday is. I adopted him from a woman that could not keep. Could 2 Female be that close and bonded? And the Sun Cone is in the nesting box moving the pine shaving around all the time. I have my Birds in the living room. Do you think they need to go in a more quiet room to breed. My Living rm is sometime noisy because of the kids. Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Rebecca says:


    Conures are very touchy. They need to be in a room where it isn’t noisy. You don’t want them to be in a room where there is people all the time. They are jumpy and if they have eggs they can destroy there eggs by trying to get out of the box because your scared them by a noise or whatever. I know from experience. Time will only tell unless you get them sexed. It sounds like he is a male, but like I said time will tell. When they mate you will here them make funny noises. Mine do there mating in the box. I guess it could be there mating call. Females usaully stays in the box. Male goes in too sometimes. Specially at night. My male usaully stays by her side, but them gets out some too. Jump remember not to bother them when they have eggs. Just feed them and water them then leave them alone. Conures are very touchy.

  5. liz meza says:

    I have three sun conures, i bought a nesting box two weeks ago, two of my conures have been hanging out in the box. i noticed there is one egg today. The third conure just hangs out on the cage, the nesting box is placed on a table next to the cage. Is this ok? Do you know which sex sits on the egg? Will the two breeding conures bother or harm the other conure in any way? They don’t seem aggressive towards him at this time.

  6. Susan Luke says:

    I have a female sun and a male that is cross of sun and jenday. Sunny has laid two eggs two days apart but one of them is eating the eggs I put Sam in another pen today but am not sure if they cluster breed or if they have to breed before each egg. I have given them an egg supplement for the last couple of days .Will they be alright seperated and if Sunny the female is eating the eggs what can I do?
    thanks Susan Luke

  7. Robyn says:

    We recently purchased a baby Sun Conure seven days ago and I started to fear that the little bird was unwell. There wasn’t much to go on and didn’t suspect any thing was wrong except that on the sixth day I felt it should have eaten more of the bird rearing mix we had been provided with. From previous experience with handraising baby parrots (from 4 weeks old using a seringe) I knew that when the bird is starting to ween itself it doesn’t eat quite as much. Sunny was usually eating about two seringes three times a day and we were told that she was about 6 weeks old when we purchased her) but on this particular day she only had one and a quarter for breakfast and a similar amount for lunch and she wasn’t flapping her wing during the lunch time feed. She only ever flapped one wing but continuously bobbed her head throughout the feeding process. Throughout the sixth day when she woke up she would climb the side of the bird cage I kept her in when I was at work and I started to think that she was looking for attention. I frequently got her out of the cage and held her and she would continuously move up my arm to snuggle in the crook of my elbow. This made me a little concerned as I felt she was trying to keep warm but as we live in Queensland and at this time of the year, it was quite hot. From the day that we brought her home Sunny was a snuggler and would make her way up onto the shoulder of my son and rest at the base of his neck. She seemed to do some funny (we thought, cute) things as she would fall asleep on his tummy and then roll down to his lap. She often laid down – flat out. Sunny died on the morning of the seventh day that we had her. When I woke up at 6.00am in the morning I took the cover off her cage and noticed that she was perched on the lowest perch with her head drooping / hanging down. I quickly took her out of her cage and noticed that she felt coolish. Alarmed, I called my son in and got him to sit Sunny on his chest in the sunshine hoping this would help but after about 15minutes we decided to make a dash to the vets. Sunny died shortly after arriving. We are getting a new little bird this weekend from the same person who sold us Sunny (we believe it is her sibling) and I would like to know if anything that I have described was unusual for a baby Sun conure. We are a little scared that the same thing might happen and would like some advice from anyone who could help us. We will be paying a visit to the Bird Vet within the first week to assure ourselves that the little bird has no health problems but any advice would be welcome.
    Please help us to successfully raise this new little baby.
    Thanks, Robyn

  8. sapphyre says:

    After discussing this with Jerry, we have a few ideas.

    For starters though, we never recommend that anyone purchase a baby bird until it’s at least 10-11 weeks. By this time it should be on one feeding a day, and just beginning to ween. However, you do mention that you have handfeeding experience.

    We suspect that the bird had slow crop, which will quickly develop into sour crop if left untreated. This is a condition when the temperature of the food is not correct (105-107 degrees). Food takes longer to digest, and bacteria begins to build up. It will eventually spread into the intestinal track.

    When it turns into sour crop, you can easily tell by smelling the birds breath. It will have a very distinct sour smell.

    The bird thinks it’s hungry and will take food, but it’s not passing through the system. Eventually, if not caught in time, it will result in death.

    Another possibility is a blockage in the crop, preventing food from getting through. This is caused by eating something that was a bit big and not digestible (bedding such as corncob, seeds, or even broken pieces of toy).

    I would have recommend a necropsy (autopsy) be done on the bird when you took it to the vet to rule this out. If that was the cause, you need to examine your feeding practices and make corrections to prevent this from happening with your new bird.

    This also assumes that the bird was healthy when you received it. Healthy birds do not die in a week. Just another reason we always recommend new birds be checked by a vet within 72 hours of purchase.

    Remember, our comments are based on just what you posted here, and I sure wish I could have looked the bird over to confirm my suspicions. But there are some other possible causes. For now, pay closer attention to your hand feeding. Watch the temperature of the food. Pay very close attention to the crop to make sure the crop is going down and the food is being digested.

  9. pete urrutia sr. says:

    5 years ago we bought a sun conur, and last year it laid 4 eggs this month it has 2 already. is it easy to say that it’s a girl? and are the eggs any good?

  10. Tammy says:

    No the Eggs are not fertile Unless you have a Male & Female

  11. Tammy says:

    I have 1 Sun Conure & 1 Jenday Conure. They are together in the same cage. I have had the for 2 1/2 yrs. I am not sure of the sex But I was told that Pebbles My Sun Conure was a female because she use to have a Mate and My Jenday they were told was a Male. Well, They Mate atleast 3 times a Day. I never seen any eggs in 2 yrs. My temperture in my Living room where the Birds are is 76 degress everyday. Do you think the Temperture in the house has something to do with Pebbles not laying any eggs? And do Birds of the Same sex Bond close and try to mate all the time?

  12. Tammy says:

    Do Sun Conures Breed with Jenday Conures?

  13. connie fiero says:

    hi, my name is connie

    i have two sun conures they had 4 eggs 2 hatch one is 1 week old. i was feeding it this week with formula in the box; at the same time the mommy and daddy are eating the formula then giving to baby, is that okay. there is another bird that just hatch a day ago. is there anything i need to do. and is it okay for giving them the formula mom,dad and baby.

  14. yvonne says:

    I have 2 sunconures who had 4 babies. 2 of them didn’t make it , very small.I started hand feeding the other two once a day, to make sure there getting proper diet, while the parents take over the rest of the day.I have to chnage the bedding every day as it’s full of poop. Is this normal?

  15. elena says:


  16. Catherine Downing says:

    I need advice,please. I have a male and female sun conure. The male is not mature, but my female is laying eggs. She lays one egg and has been eggbound with the second. Is this more dietary or psychological. Her nest is unprotected and the male is free and so are the many parakeets also in the “aviary room”?

  17. NORMA TORRES says:

    Hi, my daughter gave me a female sun conure for christmas, and my brother has the male, we put them together but now the male is the one inside the box… can it be that the male is actually the female?

  18. kimberly says:

    hi my name is Kimberly
    I have A sun conure named Lola she is one and my sister has a green cheact conure named Bradly he is one to. They bolth have vary good temperd and I want to mix breed them but is it posable?

  19. Joe says:

    I have a gorgeous pair of Sun Conures that I’ve considered breeding. This article might just be the boost I need to get going. Thanks for sharing so many great, solid tips. I agree with you that providing the proper type of birdcage and environment is critical to your breeding pair. If I did decide to start breeding, I plan on purchasing a breeder birdcage from Cages By Design. I bought my Sun Conure Cages through them and am absolutely blow-away by the quality and attention to detail. These guys really know how to make a birdcage. I think their breeder birdcages would be ideal as well.

  20. janie says:

    I have 2 suns that have 3 babies and everything is going very well considering this is their firast clutch , and I was not trying to breed them to begin with.
    My question is quite frankly what should I bew feding them to eat so that they can keep their babies full , as I hear thew babies screaming all night long. I feed them a lot of brown rice with corn and i’ve tried fruit and such , but I’m not really sure what to do with them . I don’t want to take their job away I figured I would help them out when the babies get to be about a month old. Thank you

  21. sharon says:

    hi i have a femie& a new mail my femle as layed four eggs i dont think they are furtle i have because i have only just let them to out toghter one time & they did not seem to like each other what should i do ?”

  22. Tavito says:

    I have 2 conures and they had 3 eggs but only 2 are still alive. The parents don’t warm them or anything. I’m wondering what to do or why they do that. Please response

  23. Demetria says:

    I have a sun conure and a jenday conure who sits on the eggs the male or the female.How long do it take the eggs to hatch.

  24. BRENDA PITTMAN says:


  25. dee says:


  26. vang says:

    i don’t know why now my sun conure are start to bite me, and they were alway stay in there nest….. aint they are already to breeding yet???

  27. Karin says:

    Why does my conure grab and massage his crop with his foot?

  28. Tianna says:

    Do I feed the baby sun conure right when it hatches? I need this answer a lot!

  29. Noland torres says:

    Why do my sun conure bite the wooden nesting box?

  30. utpal says:

    I have jenday conure male and female they laid 2 eggs only eggs hatch also one another one not hatch . After 3 days not seen their baby no body stolen and not die. Because now seen their body. It is possible they eat their baby?

  31. utpal says:

    Sorry not seen their dead body? What happened?

  32. Ronda bynog says:

    I have a two-year-old sunand I have a three-month-old sonwould be a good age for me to let them try to breed when he gets two years old or what