Crazy Cockatoo Video

This bird goes ballistic on plastic lids.

Around 0:42, the cockatoo lies on his back and wrestles with the plastic lid, haha.

Check out the ending too where the bird throws both of the lids off the table and then seems to get upset over it, haha -

YouTube Preview Image

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4 responses to “Crazy Cockatoo Video”

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  1. Isobelle Maree says:

    Thank you!!! I enjoyed looking at all the cute and clever birds. You are all so cute!!!! Snowball your dancing skills amazed me.


  2. tresa says:

    I like all the videos about the talent birds the most in pressive
    was the
    cock . thanks for shareing

  3. Tracey says:

    I have a wonderful cockatoo and I am know approximately how old he is but not real sure. People tell me the band on his leg identifies his year. Is this true?

  4. christine says:

    I just lost my TIKIBIRD COCKATOO and your video is the only good thing I have felt all day. Your bird reminds me of the playtime I had with TIIKI. He loved the lids from the coffeemate creamer containers. He loved to chew water bottles too. Thanks for sharing, It helps a little…