Cockatoo Rescue Shelters

If you are looking for a pet bird, check out Cockatoo rescue shelters. These organizations are dedicated to trying to find homes for unwanted birds.

These shelters accept birds from people for many reasons. Most often they just don’t understand how to handle these types of birds. They are quite intelligent and very demanding. Unless the owner understands their mentality, they can easily become spoiled or aggressive.

When we ran our aviary, we were asked many times to take in these birds. There are not a lot of Cockatoo rescue shelters in our state, but we never turn down a bird needing a home. Their background and stories are always interesting.

In one case, we took in an Umbrella Cockatoo named Abby. This bird started out being sold to an elderly women who never had a bird before. After two years, she simply could not handle the birds constant screeching and aggressiveness. She turned the bird over to one of the larger pet stores to find a new home.

Unfortunately, many pet stores are not in the business of doing Cockatoo rescues. They are in the business of making money. Therefore, they sold Abby to the first customer who showed interest in this bird…for $1100.

After this person got home, he realized the mistake he had made. Within hours the bird became quite aggressive. Then the man walked past the case, and Abby jumped on his back and bit him very hard. The man had a couple of children, and having an aggressive bird in the house certainly was not what he intended to do. The pet store would not refund his money (but would take the bird back for nothing so they could “adopt” him out again). He was about to just let the bird fly away, but his vet convinced him to turn him over to us.

What in interesting day that was. While my wife was in the kitchen, Abby jumped off the cage, stomped into the kitchen with a loud screech, wings spread out and beak wide open…and charged at her. He hit her shoe with her beak, looked up and waited for the predictable show of utter fear from my wife. Nothing! She just stood there!

>>For many more taming techniques check out “The Easy Parrot System”

We had already figured out Abby’s game. He wanted to show who was the boss…but my wife wasn’t going to have anything to do with that game. As time went by, the bird calmed down and became very friendly. We adopted it out to another family and Abby has been a success story! He found a new home with people who understood him.

Lesson learned…if you are trying to locate a Cockatoo rescue shelter, look for someone who is actually going to work with the bird, and not looking for a quick profit. Many Cockatoo rescue shelters are nothing more then breeders looking for animals to mate up and earn a profit from the babies. They don’t “sell” the birds but may ask for a donation to help continue their work with animals. Look for groups that are listed as a 501c3 organization (and can prove it). If they are not listed as a non-profit group, take extra care to look at their credentials, check out references, and look at their bird housing.

If you would like a list of recommended Cockatoo Rescue Shelters, check out the NetPets organization, which keeps a list of national rescue groups at

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  1. Nathan says:

    hello iam interested in a cackatoo have lots of experience with birds please email me at if u dont have birds avaliable please contact anyway so i know my message wasnt ingnored thanks so much

  2. Bobbie Wright says:

    We need to place a very sweet 17 yr old medium sulfur crested cockatoo because she aggravates an existing lung condition my wife has. She is an affectionate bird,and prefers men. She is very tame and in excellent health. Please help, I want her to have a good home.

  3. Ann Lee says:

    We are looking for a retirement home for our lessor cockatoo. Any suggestions?

  4. Ed Siuzdak says:

    I am looking to take in a Medium to Lessor Cockatoo. I would prefer a younger bird, but I will consider an older Too. I can provide a loving home for a Too that can’t be taken care of any longer, I am not looking to take on a bird with many issues. I do have bird/animal background. Please free to contact me. I live in the Chicago-land area. Thanks, Ed

  5. Ed Siuzdak says:

    Sorry, my email address for the above post is:

  6. I am a Cockatoo lover who once had to part with a dear bird, because of work and childcare, I wasn’t able to spend enough time at home, and rather than have my friend become too lonely, we found her a new home with an over the road truck driver who took her with him everywhere!
    I am now 20 years older, and have retired. With plenty of time on my hands, I am now ready to pay it forward, and help out someone else who is looking for a goof home for their special bird that they can no longer accommodate.
    I am in no rush, as am still working on re-homing my 20 and 22 year old children. Then I’ll be able to have a bird room!
    I’d be most interested in an Umbrella or Moluccan, because I love the big lovers! A bird who likes most people, and gets along with dogs would be our best fit, also one not too big into wood shredding would be handy. I have some guitars that I’d dearly hate to lose.
    Beyond that, I can say that any bird who comes to my home would eat VERY well, no matter what their favorites are! We buy the best food, fruit and vegetables for our animals.

  7. Debbe Faunce says:

    I have a 7 yr old cockatoo whom I adore & unfortunately started plucking out his feathers when I went into the hospital for an extended period. I have done everything recommended to stop him without success so now he has no chest feathers at all…but we still love him and spend lots of time with him as well. I would like to find a friend for him. He loves to play with my dogs and cat. He actually climbs off his cage to play with them, and especially likes to take their toys and have them chase him across the floor. We’re talking about a Boxer and Bulldog (not little dogs) but Casper is the boss! He does play with my sister’s macaw occasionally when she visits with her…so he gets along well with others! Do you have a bird for us? We live in Naples, Fl.

  8. Brenda says:

    I have been looking for a Cockatoo for about a year now. I seem to really enjoy and love all the diff. kind of Cockatoo’s. Every one I talk to say there to much work. And most of the cockatoos say shut-up. Well I feel why would you want a bird to just sit there and look at you.
    I think the cockatoo is a very smart bird.
    About 20 years ago I owned two Cockatoos. I cared for them more than I did for my self. I would be very thank full if anyone you know would give me one even if it only has one feather. I would give that bird the best stress free for every home. I am 46 year, I have a good life, I am with my true love, I am home, I do not work, I know how to care for all kinds of birds, I now take care of myself and have lots of time to care for a cockatoo or two. I wish and pray you know someone or if you can help me get such a wonderful bird. to share my time with. I live in south New Jersey please call me. Anyone can call me if you can help me 609-823-2308 or email me at THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!

  9. miranda says:

    I’m looking for a cockatoo of any time, I’ve had them all my life, I recently was thinking that it would be nice to make one part of my family! I have 3 kids and a english mastiff/St bernard. I miss having a bird and want my kids to grow up appreciating these amazing feather creatures!!
    my email
    thank you

  10. Hello there, I discovered your website by the use of Google while searching for a related topic, your website got here up, it appears to be like great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  11. danielle says:

    hello im interested in a cockatoo or african grey i have a cage and toys im willing to pay uptoo £200 i would like one thats well handed good with babys and dogs if anyone wants to give there bird to a good home then please email me on thankyou x

  12. Patrick Gelling says:

    Interested in a cockatoo to be with one who’s partner has passed. The male I’ve have is about 5 years old and I have over 20 years experience with cockatoo’s.
    I’m located in Charlottesville, VA

  13. Raquel Faur says:

    Hi =)I have wanted a Cockatoo pretty much my whole life..I have always loved them, been around people that have had Cockatoos, Macaws, Parrots, African Greys and then some. I have been researching and looking for years really…I just never wanted to buy one from a Pet Store…I looked into breeders a little bit, but again something just didn’t seem right about it…I’ve got a few friends actually that have an Umbrella Cockatoo, Sulfur Crested, and quite a few that have Macaws, and Mini Macaws. I know the care and attention they need and will take…All I want is to have one I can be with all the time…and Just give all this Love I have always had in me for them since I can remember being a little girl…I’ve either rescued fallen from a tree, or nest, abandoned you name it I have either rescued it to fix it’s wings n heal so it could fly. To hand feeding squirrels before their eyes were open LOL I can’t help it I love animals with all my heart. Always have always will…I’d rather spend time with my Cockatoo Love and play with the favorite toys with them, nurture them. I’m not afraid of the noises I know how crazy loud they can be as well as can startle quickly too! I finally had this friend That I found out her Dad had an Aviary in Florida, I researched he was well known honest and took very good care of his babies. I was waiting for an Umbrella baby to be born….well it’s been almost 3 years or so and I still have yet to get that Promised Baby….I went through all of the Promises and making sure He knew I was serious…and I kept asking and kept asking time would go by and I would ask again…Apparently he started selling off his Pairs because his wife wasn’t doing so well and I just remember everyday I would be on the phone with my friend when she would walk through and talk to each of them and put me on speaker so I could say Hi, or she would call my cell and leave a recorded Message of one of the Cockatoos singing to me or laughing or saying something cute! I Lived for that everyday…So I just want to give a good home to a Cockatoo that might just come along and need me just as much as I might need them =) I’ve got a house with a huge yard, I want to get my Cockatoo a play station for my patio as well of course only when I am with him/her and with all the safest precausions. I’ve already looked into a Vet that can treat exotics, I’ve looked up and set aside things for play, and comfort, and I have all the Love in the world to give one…Hopefully someone will read this…and Just know that I am the right one for their baby….Thanks so much…

  14. Terrific post! Saved to bookmarks!

  15. joanne says:

    I am looking for someone who posted on your web-site and would like to get in touch with them however no e-mail address was left with the post. the post was on 11-6-12 from Raquel Faur i would like to see if she has gotten a baby yet and if she is close to my area since I am in need of a forever home for my cockatoo

  16. Suzanne says:

    I have a 14yo umbrella cockatoo who needs a good home. I love our little ‘Peanut’ but unfortunately I have problems with depression. Peanut has been raised with a dusky-headed conure, three cats and a dog. However, she has never been given free range in our home so she’s never been in close contact with them. She is very loving (she likes to cuddle under your shirt or a blanket and she likes to be rocked. She has a good variety of food preferences but her favorite is cheese garlic bread and hot rolls. She also likes hot apple cider in the winter. I really would love to keep her but I know it is unfair to her not to spend much time with her. She deserves more love than I can give her. If you can give her a good home, please email me at I would like to tell you more about her. I live in Alabama. Thanks!

  17. Susan Sayers says:

    I am looking for a home for my beloved “Danny.” He is a Goffin Cockatoo. He is very sweet but will bite if he is scared (or if a foreign object comes into his cage).
    He is around 15 years old. He is in a home with two dogs and one cat.
    I simply don’t have the time to care for him anymore.
    Please let me know if you know anyone who would give him a permanent, loving home.

  18. Donna O'Donnell says:

    I am looking to give a Cockatoo a very good home. I have experience with large birds. I had a double yellow nape that just passed away. Please let me know if you have a bird that is in need of a good home.

  19. Donna O'Donnell says:

    You can contact me through my email address
    I am single and the bird would get a lot of attention.

  20. Karen Dickderson says:

    I’m 62 husband 61 daughter 30.
    we have 4 goats one old Chihuahua, a cat. We already have the required” stuff that goes along with birds. We had a sun conure that we rescued and I’ve been longing for ever since she died. Especially one that can be taught to speak.
    If it’s old,infirm or needs special help that’s fine,too. So do I. I would prefer one that won’t remove my finger. But I could do without one. We have ten grandchildren who are in and out. But almost all have been around birds. We can give him a good home It’s large. Unfortunately he’d have to be strictly an indoor bird, We have a family of red tailed hawks near by but I see you have many answers to your ad and I understand. But thank you for the chance you gave us, Karen Dickerson We’re both retired if that counts.

  21. Karen Dickderson says:

    sorry, thought the name and email would go. email address is Thanks,

  22. Lisa Wollerscheid says:

    I live in Weymouth, ma a wonderful woman named Pat Brown is boarding my pet cockatoo,Buddy. My boyfriend is very ill and she is taking exceptionally good care of him. I miss him terribly, and was calling Pat to check on him, and to visit, but have lost ALL of her info…address phone, everything! I’m going crazy trying to find her…..Bellingham, maybe? She has eleven other cockatoos she is boarding in hopes of adopting them out….only to serious, committed people who adore birds! If anyone knows of this lady, please call me with her address. And or phone number. My number is 781 733 5408! Please help me find my Buddy!! Thank you.

  23. Holly PAck says:

    I have a 7year old umbrella Too. I am needing to rehome my cockatoo. When we got him my husband and I he has were home all the time but he has seen been transferred overseas and we do not have the time we used to have to spend with him. Can you please help us.

  24. Tia says:

    We colv’due done with that insight early on.

  25. Butch Magner says:

    I have a female cockatoo I need to get rid of. I am moving and can’t take her with me.

  26. Donna mcgee says:

    Hi would love your femal too. 724 272 7589