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If you ever thought of becoming a bird breeder, one of the “brass rings” you are always trying to grab is the ability to breed mutations. In other words, by breeding two birds you are trying to develop special colors or traits into birds.People that breed parakeets are well aware of this hobby. They spend [...]

One of the bird breeds that we frequently recommend for a new pet owner is the Quaker (Monk) Parrot This bird is a great starter bird because it has a lot of things pet owners are looking for…playful, talking ability, not too loud, and easy to maintain. So, what I’ve done is put together a [...]

With the increasing popularity of the Quaker (monk) parrot, now might be a good time to cover a few issues related to them. It’s strange how many pet stores know so little about these guys, yet it’s my opinion they are a great starter bird for people just getting into parrots. Quakers are unique. They [...]

  One of the more intelligent birds is the Quaker parrot (also called a Monk Parrot). These birds are in the top 10 list of talking birds. They are very playful, mischief makers, and full of personality. They are also despised by several states in the US, to the point where they are banned. If [...]