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Sapphyre e-mailed me this link few days ago. I thought you guys will enjoy this read – 1. GET TO KNOW ABOUT PARROTS BEFORE YOU BRING ME HOME – I am not a domesticated pet like a dog or cat. I still have the spirit of the jungle in me. I have special needs, which [...]

I found this v. interesting article on a forum. I’ve copy and pasted a snippet of it. Steve Dale writes :- “I know a parrot in New York called N’kisi (a Congo African Gray parrot) who knows 971 words. He isn’t counted as having a new word until he’s used it at least five times [...]

What an amazing bird he was…

***QUESTION*** hey I have another question?. is it true even though I bought my bird from a pet store and they told me the breeder they get there birds from is very good as out of the 15 years of dealing threw him they said they have never had any birds that were sick. so [...]

I love true stories like these –  ”Intruders smashed the front window of Pet Palace in Leominster, about 45 miles west of Boston, and as they entered the store the bird began to shout, said store manager Lori Oltman on Thursday.” Get the full scoop here –