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We are always being asked what type of bird someone should get if they don’t have any experience with birds. They don’t want a finch or parakeet (boring!) but don’t want a large parrot (expensive, large, and destructive). They want something they can handle that is easy to train. There are a lot of birds [...]

Green Cheek conures are one of most playful and intelligent conures out there. But they are known to be a little nippy. When people have asked us for advice on getting birds not to bite, we begin by trying to get a little history of the bird. What quickly become apparent is the bird is [...]

We have been asked by beginning bird breeders what is the best type of bird breed? Normally, that depends on their experience and how much they can invest. Being a hobbyist bird breeder can be expensive, and does take a tremendous commitment of time. No matter what type of birds you plan to raise, the [...]

Jenday Conures are a very colorful, medium size bird. They are closely related to Sun Conures, both being in the aratinga conure family. As with many Conures, they are mostly green. They have a yellow head, and orange front. Their tail is tipped with red or blue, and their wings are commonly tipped with blue. [...]

  The Sun Conure is one of the most popular birds being sold today. They are fairly reasonably priced, making them a great starter bird. They are hardy, and easy to care for. They are playful and easy to handle, and the only real drawback is they are a loud screeching bird. They are not [...]