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This bird goes ballistic on plastic lids. Around 0:42, the cockatoo lies on his back and wrestles with the plastic lid, haha. Check out the ending too where the bird throws both of the lids off the table and then seems to get upset over it, haha -

***QUESTION*** i have a 16week old galah cockatoo. brought her at 10weeks lod hand reared from a pet store, she is very loving but is starting to bite alot tawards me and my 3 girls when we all want to pick her up,or if we are playing with her, she has no proble stepping up [...]

If you are looking for a pet bird, check out Cockatoo rescue shelters. These organizations are dedicated to trying to find homes for unwanted birds. These shelters accept birds from people for many reasons. Most often they just don’t understand how to handle these types of birds. They are quite intelligent and very demanding. Unless [...]