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I found this v. interesting article on a forum. I’ve copy and pasted a snippet of it. Steve Dale writes :- “I know a parrot in New York called N’kisi (a Congo African Gray parrot) who knows 971 words. He isn’t counted as having a new word until he’s used it at least five times [...]

What an amazing bird he was…

  REMEMBERING ALEX….   We just received some very sad news today. One of the most famous birds around is Alex, the African Grey. This highly intelligent bird has been the focal point of research by Dr. Irene Pepperberg, and the research staff at the Brandeis University Department of Psychology. For the past 30 years, [...]

OK, now that you have made up your mind and are convinced an African Grey Parrot is right for you, let’s look at some of the aspects of these birds. SUBSPECIES- There are actually two common subspecies of Grey’s. Congo and Timneh. Congo’s are slightly larger. They are a light grey in color, but are [...]

One of the most sought after pet birds in the world is the African Grey. This bird, native to Africa, is considered one of the most intelligent of birds. It’s amazing ability to speak and mimic sounds make it an entertaining companion. African Greys are a medium sized parrot, predominantly grey, with accents of white. [...]