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**QUESTION** My wife and I have two Amazon yellow heads, one is 40 and the other is 20. Both are males and are different kind of yellow heads. They go in and out of screaming modes, thanks for the advice.  We are trying to get them on a better path of behavior. The younger bird [...]

***QUESTION*** I have always want a cockateil. My freind’s cockateil had babies and I received my “Precious boy” He is so cute. I recently have been able to feed him some seeds by placing them on a little stand in his cage. You see precious bites and I don’t know what to do to get [...]

***QUESTION*** hey I have another question?. is it true even though I bought my bird from a pet store and they told me the breeder they get there birds from is very good as out of the 15 years of dealing threw him they said they have never had any birds that were sick. so [...]

I recently got a question about bird diets and what they can/should eat. This question came from a Macaw owner, who read that you never give your birds “human snacks” suck as potato chips, French fries, or other highly salted foods. They were told that salt is extremely toxic to birds and could kill them. [...]

I’ve been into birds for a long time. So it came as a very pleasant surprise to me when I came across a reference of the National Bird Day celebration coming up on January 5th. What a cool idea! What better way to show and educate people on how to care for their birds, and [...]